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Towel Clips For Beach, Bath & Pool Accessories.
The Ultimate Clips For Beach Towels, Bath Towels & Sarongs
Keep sarongs, beach & bath towels around you securely!
 Unique Stylish Clips For Beach Towels, Bath Towels & All Types Of Sarongs.
Must Have Beach, Bath or Pool Accessories For Your Beach Bag, Gym or Overnight Bag.
 Great For Surfers, Swimmers, Resorts, Spas, Health Clubs or Cruise! 
No Opening or Closing! Using Our Patented Design. Simply overlap the fabric and slip on Towelagator!
Available In A Variety Of Colors & Prints
 ** We Currently Only Ship Within the Continental U.S. and Hawaii
  Sea Turtles   Sea Shells   Palm Trees  Surfboards   Aloha Hibiscus   Original Hibiscus  
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Our beach towel clips work by weaving material through our Patented Design! 
 They work on the thinnest sarongs, wraps, pareos up to the thickest beach towels out there.
Towelagators will not pick or snag your towel, sarong or swimwear like velcro towels.
2 Year Replacement Guarantee!
Made out of super durable memory plastic that Will Not Break!


Party Favors
 Towelagators are very useful accessories for the beach, bath, pool or just around the house, but
they also make great gifts or cool party favors for your beach party, Hawaiian luau party or pool party.


Here's a Testimonial that we found online

    August 2008 Expecting Club

RAVE: Towelagator!

Okay, I found this great thing!

You know how its really hard to get a towel to stay wrapped around you now? And how those drapes at the OB's office won't wrap on and stay? Try: The Towelagator! These clips were made to hold up towels and sarongs without having to do the "wrap and fold"-they weren't meant for preggos, but they should market them to us!

They work great! I got some loved them and have been giving them to non-preggo friends for towels and sarongs. I even clip my bathroom curtain back with one. The number of uses is amazing. And I swear I have no affiliation with the folks who make them. Check them out at PS, they are cheap and arrive in a couple of days...

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 Feedback from customers

We have a $ 5.oo gift exchange at work. This is perfect as an original gift idea. Allissa  Atlanta,GA
The shell print matches my bath decor perfectly, Glad I found them! Doris B. Salt Lake City,UT
These were great prizes for our beach theme school fair! Liz A. Louisville KY
Great stocking stuffer for swimmers! Jan P.  MI
These are a great idea for teacher gifts on holidays! 2 packs & I'm finished! L.D. Destin,Fl.
What a great inexpensive gift  for groups. They were perfect for the goody bags at my daughters school. Diane P.  Kona, HI
Terrific office gifts No more bath salts! P Jennings, Seattle
My clip matches my surfboard! We are all 3 going to surf Costa Rica  this year! Annie,Sebastion, Fl.
A good deal  for stocking stuffers & had some left as presents for unexpected guests. Very convenient . Teresa V. Burlington MA.
The party packs are a cheap gift idea to cover a lot of people. And no one else gave the same present. Perfect! Tommy J. Fairhope, Alabama
Good deal for group gifts. Made  my holiday office shopping easy. G. Newman Miami Fl.
  These are great! I ride my bike home from the beach all the time and now my towel stays on.   Shannon, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  It's like having an extra hand when I'm leaving the Pool with my hands full of stuff.    Terry, Phoenix, AZ
  We used your product as giveaways at our company pool party and they were a huge hit.    Linda, Long Island, NY
  I was skeptical at first but these things really work great!    Pete, Ocean City, NJ
 Got some turtle print for our sea turtle watch group, they're so cute! Julie T. NC
  Great Idea!!  Our Daughter had a graduation / pool party and everyone loved TG.  Debbie, Columbus, OH
  I love your clips they are the perfect summer accessories for around the pool and beach.    Amy Huntington Beach, CA
  I bought some of your clips while I was on vacation in the Virgin Islands and I just love them. Good Job!   Lisa, New York, NY
  My company purchased your clips as a promotional product for a tradeshow and the response was excellent.   Jamie, San Francisco, CA
  Thanks for coming out with Towelagator. Now I can leave the beach without stopping every few feet to fix my towel.   Margo, Honolulu, HI
   Works Great! I use a towel to change in the parking lot before and after I go surfing. Much better than toga towel.  Dave, Cocoa Beach, FL
  We received Towelagators as a house warming gift for our beach house and I think they are so cute and useful.    Elaine, St Augustine, FL
  I picked up Towelagator at a trade show. It was given out as a promotion advertising accessory. I use it after showers and when I am at the pool "THANKS"   Heather, Virginia Beach, VA
 These are one of the coolest new ideas for stocking stuffers. I used them last  Christmas and both my daughters loved them.   Kelly, Jacksonville Beach, FL
   Got a few Towalagators when I was staying in the Bahamas. Now all my friends at home want them. Glad you sell online!  Dee, North Hampton, MA
  Your clips are really cool! Much more practical than the towelagator name knock off or hooded changing towels!  Susan, Malibu, CA
   What a super advertising and promotion product our event was a complete success.    Alan, Huston, TX
  What a unique idea! Your clips really work well on my sarongs   Valerie, Palm Springs, CA
  My friend  gave me a couple of your clips that she bought at The Wholesale  Beach Accessories Show. I love them!!   Naomi, New York, NY
  Super Idea! I could not believe how well they worked on my sarong and how strong they are.   Jenny, San Diego, CA
  Our company sells pool supplies etc we bought your towel clips for our company party and everyone loved them. Thanks for the quick shipping. Dan,  Boston, MA
  During Summer I work at a waterpark in the Dells and I depend on your product every day.    Chris, Wisconsin Dells, WI
  We have a beach store and carry Towelagator. It's one of our best selling beach accessory.    Alexis,  Miami Beach, FL
  I bought a few of your sarong clips from one of the swimwear boutiques called Kiwi Beach in Mall of America but they no longer carry your clips. Why they are such a good idea? Roxy,  Minneapolis, MN
   Too Cool. Use your sarong clip all the time. Found them at a beach shop in Bethany Beach.  Janet, Rehoboth Beach, DE
  Cool stocking stuffers!!   Elaine, Knoxville, TN
  Much better than the changing towels. Good idea.    Alan Salt Lake City. UT
  Found your beach towel clips @ a beach resort while in Hawaii and think they are a wonderful idea.    Carly, Knoxville, TN
  I used to use a changing toga towel but came across your beach towel clips and really like the way they work.  Rob, Savannah, GA
  I bought three to match my new bikini’s for my honeymoon in Antigua. They work great and they’re cute too! Bethany L. Chicago, IL

  We originally found your clips at Hurricane Harbor. I love your new prints and and the sea turtles will go with my new sarong.   Tina , Los Angeles, CA

  These clips work great! I keep one in my gym bag, one in my travel tote, and one in the bathroom!  Lucinda R. Louisville, KY

  I am on my school swim team but I feel shy out of the water. Your clip helps keep me covered in between heats! Thanks! Heather T. Gainesville ,Fl.

  I have an oceanfront home and love to entertain guests at my pool .A friend gave me a Towelagator and I use it all the time! What a smart idea!  Krista H.  Jacksonville , Fl.

  Love your clips. Do you have them in everything but water @ mall of america.  Melody,  Minnesota,  MN
   These are so cool! I had a luau party and decided to your sarong clips as a party favor and all my friends loved them.  Valerie,  Albuquerque, NM
  I bought a Towelagator while on vacation in the Keys, It worked so well I went back to buy more to take home to our Granddaughters. They loved them too! Maggie A. Garden City, NJ
   I wear a sarong at work but I hate the knot. I saw your product at a waterpark and bought one. No more bulky knot. Thanks   Paige, Keywest, FL
  Your Beach Towel Clips are must have beach bag accessories.  Karen,  Manhattan Beach, NY
  Too Cute and a great idea. Your beach towel clips are the perfect accessories for my beach bag.  Summer, Atlantic Beach, NJ
  I don't like tying a knot in my sarongs. Love the new sea turtle and palm tree prints .  Kathy, Las Vegas, NV
  My favorite new product. You even had one that matched my swimsuit You really should try to get these in front of Oprah or maybe Gale for one of oprahs favorite things or summer accessory for spas.  I think they
would love your clips and then who knows. Mira, Chicago, IL
  Purchased several of your beach towel clips for our summer vacation but do to high gas prices we are staying home for the summer or staycation. Anyway Love your product!!   Beverly, Charleston, SC
   You  know I did not know that I need your towel clip until I saw someone at the beach using one. I bought 2 at a local swimwear shop and they even match my sarong and swimwear. Elaine, Sandy Hook, NJ
  Great beach and pool promotional product. You guys need to join ASI and PPAI .  Fred, Gatlinburg, TN
  Great Results! We were very pleased with Towelagator and rate it most unique Promotion Product.  Mike, Atlanta, GA

  I bought a couple of these at a beach shop in Myrtle Beach SC a few years ago and use them all the time. I was ready to buy some new towelagators and I love the new palm tree prints. Becky, Columbia, SC

  We bought our Towelagators at Blizzard Beach during our vacation in Orlando and brought them on our Disney Cruise to the Bahama’s. They  were so useful during the whole trip! Leonora, Syracuse, NY
  Thanks for the quick shipping. We needed them for our party and they got here with time to spare. By the way they were perfect gifts for our luau beach party.  Kathleen, Belmar, NJ
  We buy and sell pool supplies including beach towels and just think your product is great.  William, Ocean City, MD
  I think your sarong clip  are the perfect beach accessory. You really need to get your towel and sarong accessories in Martha's Vineyard beach shops and resort stores.  Jen, Boston, MA
  I originally purchased your towel clips as an accessory for the pool but now I even use them after bathing.  Haley, Ft Wayne, IN
  Found your product online while searching for pool party supplies. Cool idea!.  Shaun, Cape Hatteras, NC
   Very cute bath accessories. They are so simple but work so good on my towels and sarongs.  Holly,  Cape Cod, MA

  Our family  rafts on the Kern River in California. Your clips make it easy to change into dry gear when we’re ready for a break. My wife is so glad that I haven’t  flashed” anyone this year! Roger, Anaheim, CA

  I ordered a pack to share with my friends when we go on kayak trips. Your clip is great for changing with a towel and are really useful to hang them up when your done. Jason Seattle, WA

  We found your clips in a shop during our vacation at Sandals Beach Resort in the Bahamas and just love them.  Olivia,  Block Island, RI
  We used your pool towel and sarong clips as gifts at our luau and they were a hit with our guests! They also went perfect with our luau party decorations  Kathe,  Minneapolis, MN
These are the best summer swimwear accessory. Accessories for swim wear spring or summer. Beach accessories for vacations or just around the pool. Great pool party favors and cute too. Buy swimwear with a sarong
clip that matches.. 2009 swim and surfwear for teens and tweens. Our beach accessories are affordable and durable. Use the on your beach vacation or at the pool or even at waterparks. Best beach vacation 2009
Buy pool accessories for spring or summer. We have sea turtles, sea shells, hawwiian prints. Used on the beaches of hawwaii. The perfect accessory for island cruise or island vacation. Beach chairs, beach towels,
beach blanket and beach accessories.
I have used towelgator since you came out in 2001. Now I see that some low life has tried to knock of your name with a crummy little clip called toweligator.
Some  people have no creativity and toweligator knock off sucks. Not to be confused with the original Towelagator.
Send Us Your Own Comments and Uses

 Somemore useless Info about us

When we first came out with our towel, sarong clips we did not think past swim boutiques and surf shops but now we sell to resort stores, cruise ship ports of call, gift stores in the usa / hawaiian islands, caribbean, aruba, canada, japan and a little in europe. Our towel clips are also very unique beach, surf, pool, bath promotional logo products and accessories. Great new idea for Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers and the perfect gift for your surfer or swimmer.  We have imprinted many company names but  would love to print names like billabong, quicksilver, roxy, rusty, hurly clothes and accessories but we think roxy would sell very well to the tweens teens and moms. You would not believe how many teens, tweens and surf moms have said that they would love to buy our towel clips with roxy or rusty logo but so far our sales efforts have been ignored by the surf industry . We have also tried  venus swimwear, victoria's secret, beach sexy, guess, miraclesuit,  Ashley Paige swimwear.  We have even had several people say we needed to find a way to get our clips to Oprah as one of her  favorites.  After  the first year we realized that customers also wanted to buy our towel and sarong clips as beach party favors and pool party favors. This prompted us offer our party favor packs online. You can find our clips in surf shops, swimwear boutiques, Gift shops etc, in places like south beach miami, johns pass, st petersburg,  long island, nantucket, cape cod, stone harbor, seaside heights, martha's vineyard, honolulu, maui, oahu, kona, huntington beach, san diego, malibu and more. Voted #1 beach gift, beach promotion, swim accessories and pool party accessories. Perfect for beachside party favors, swim team promotions, waterpark promotional products, surfing events, pool party gifts, lake vacation accessories. Our product has been used for surf contest, water park logo including blizzard beach and typhoon lagoon, bath and shower promotions, pool parties, beach parties, summer vacation gifts, matching swimwear accessories, women's surfing contests, surfwear advertising, Island vacation gifts and more.
Thanks for all the years of support and remember the original Towelagator not Toweligator

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