Towelagator  Clip For Beach Towels, Bath Towels And Sarongs.
The Perfect Accessories For Beach, Bath, Pool, Surf, Swim, Resort, Spa Or Cruise! 
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Whether you surf, swim, sunbathe or stay at home, Towelagator is the perfect accessory for your towel or sarong!
Taking a cruise, enjoying a tropical vacation, hanging at the local beach or laps at the pool ,Our towel clip won't let you (Or your towel) down!
#1 At the beach or pool, wearing your beach towel as a cover up and your hands are full of your gear when your
      bathing suit bottoms start creeping up and your towel is creeping down!
#2 Secure your sarongs with a straight edge or elegant folds instead of learning how to tie a bulky, uncomfortable knot in your sarongs!
#3 Changing in public and outdoors. Keep one in your beach bag or gym tote to use in the cabana or after showers.
      Holds your towel in place while you slip out of your wetsuit or swimsuit and in to dry clothes!
#4 After bath. Holds towel in place while you shave, apply lotion, blow dry, etc.!
#5  Terrific party favor for your guests at your beach party, pool party or luau!                                    
#6  Can clip towels to fabric or woven beach chairs! ** ( will not clip to metal frames)
#7  Clip to edge of beach blanket & post into sand to help keep in place!
#8   Beach Bookmark! Can hold the pages of a book or magazine & weigh them down in the wind so that you don't lose your place!

#9  Clip on open totes to keep others from reaching in or prevent items from dumping out when you set it down!

#10 Attach a ball chain for keys. They can clip to your clothing or to the edge of a beach bag, so you don't have to dig for them!
#11 Hang from your shower head and use to drip dry swimsuits & wetsuits in the tub, Not On Your Floors!
#12  Worlds Greatest ( and cutest) Chip Clip! No springs to break, Really lasts! Works on snack bags, pet food, bread, you name it!
#13  Guests spending their  summer vacation with you? You soon find your lost without your
         Towelagator after a shower! Add one to the amenities in your guest bath.
#14  Perfect accessories for Spa, Beach, Bath or Cruise themed Gift Baskets!
Satisfaction  Guaranteed! If you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED with Towelagator  you can return for a Full Product Refund. Customer Service Dept is open  Mon - Fri  9:00AM to 5:00PM EST  * Phone 904-246-9608  *  email: Customer
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