15 Unique RV Decorating Ideas Anyone Can Do (2024)

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Now that you’re ready to hit the road as an RV owner, you’ve found yourself on the hunt for some unique RV decorating ideas. Could your rig use some added pizazz and style to make it feel more like home?

Look no further than our list of ways to decorate your home on wheels easily!

How Can I Decorate My RV?

Decorating your RV doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. It doesn’t take much to make it feel like home.

When it comes to RV decorating ideas, we have you covered.

Depending on your level of skill and how much work you want to put into it, we’ve provided a range of ideas below.

1. Add a Splash of Color

Adding paint to an accent wall can immediately change the look and feel of a room.

Paint is relatively inexpensive, and choosing the right color can often make or break an area’s vibe. For example, using a bold blue to offset a neutral color can deliver stunning results.

Colorful touches can add warmth, energy, and set the mood of your RV.

Painting can be quite the task, though, so if you can’t handle the paint job yourself, you can always hire a professional.

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2. Add Your Own Flair with Wall Decor

One unique RV decorating idea that can bring character to any space is wall decor.

Whether you enjoy sculptures or photography, the most subtle additions can often make the most significant impact.

When hanging art on camper walls, it’s best to choose smaller pieces or light frames.

We love using 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips for our wall art. They can hold up to 12 pounds, don’t damage your RV walls, and come off easily.

3. Paint the Walls or Cabinets

Painting your RV’s walls and cabinets can completely transform a few hundred square feet.

Depending on your RV’s condition, you might consider choosing two different paint colors that complement each other.

For example, envision the edgy look of bright white walls accented by stark black cabinets.

This RV decorating idea is unique to your particular flavor and style and will really let you express yourself!

Pro Tip: If you want to take on painting the interior of your RV. Make sure to read Painting RV Cabinets: Everything You Need to Know first!

4. Add Slipcovers or Throw Blankets and Pillows

When you start thinking about upgrading your RV on a budget, have you ever thought about adding modern throw blankets and pillows?

As we all know, most RVs come straight from the manufacturer, and the design may not be your style.

Instead of overhauling the original RV decor, try covering bland or damaged furniture with slipcovers and pillows featuring bright and inviting patterns.

You can even buy multiple pillow covers to change throughout the year. This is a slight touch that will instantly create a welcoming appeal!

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5. Upgrade Your Fixtures

Replacing outdated fixtures is another terrific way to add personality to your rig.

Many of today’s RVs come with a standard set of cabinet drawer handles and light fixtures.

Imagine the difference it would make if you switched the plastic off-white light covers with mother-of-pearl accent pieces.

When changing your fixtures, be sure to follow this helpful guide so you do it right the first time!

6. Change the Curtains

RVs are famous for having unsightly window valances. They’re not only hard on the eyes, but they also block out too much light.

You’ll enjoy exploring the outdoors because of the magnificent sights and sounds.

Why not remove those window treatments and install a more straightforward blind system? Ditch the accordion blinds and dreadful valances, and instead, try roller shades with a set of fashionable new curtains.

You might be amazed how much your view improves with this unique RV decorating idea!

You’ll also have even more natural light at your fingertips.

Pro Tip: If you’re feeling stumped on what type of curtains might look good in your right, check out RV Curtain Ideas You’ll Actually Love.

7. Decorate with Souvenirs from Your Travels

Every good travel destination needs a souvenir. Try stringing seashells above your windows or displaying vintage maps.

Cover your fridge with magnets from various destinations, or decorate the walls with unique license plates.

Not only will this fill your soul with the best memories, but you’ll also have excellent conversation pieces for anyone who visits your RV.

This is probably the easiest number to implement when it comes to RV decorating ideas.

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8. Add Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can be a highly cost-effective update. LED light strips are both energy-efficient and create a sleek, minimal look.

Some brands are battery-powered, which makes them child-friendly for traveling families.

Changing up the lighting is one of the most simple, unique RV decorating ideas but can have a huge impact on the room.

9. Add a Kitchen or Bathroom Backsplash

Working in such a confined space might make you feel like your RV decorating ideas are limited, but a trendy backsplash can make you feel right at home!

You can find peel and stick wallpaper or tile in many styles and colors, perfect for any RV bathroom backsplash.

While you’re at it, add a shower curtain that matches your new backsplash.

Utilize what nominal RV bathroom area you have and find a design that makes the room feel spacious and comfortable. Any stick tile you add to your bathroom can always be repeated in your RV kitchen!

10. Replace the Flooring or Add Throw Rugs

When it comes to unique RV decorating ideas, let’s talk about the flooring.

Much like every other aspect of an RV, the material you walk on is not always easy on the eyes.

You’d be amazed how adding a luscious throw rug or updated floor pattern can revamp the RV.

This is a simple way to change the look of your RV interior. Plus, area rugs are a great way to protect the carpet or flooring that is already there.

Add a small rug to your entryway and a large one in your main living area to completely transform your floor space.

If you’re up for a bigger task, you can replace the floor completely!

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11. Pick a Theme

If you’re having trouble deciding how to decorate, picking a theme will help get you organized.

You could opt for a modern look, a boho style, a beach theme, a rustic design, or anything else that tickles your fancy.

A theme could be as simple as a color; RV decorating ideas don’t have to be complicated!

Once you have your theme picked out, stick to it and only buy items that will work with your theme to make a cohesive look across your RV decor.

Did You Know? If you don’t want to build out your own van, Boho Camper Vans makes custom vehicles designed exactly how you want!

12. Add String Lights

Interior string lights bring a cool vibe to any RV. They are a fun personal touch that doesn’t cost much.

You can light up small spaces easily with string lights too!

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13. Change Out The Headboard

Most RV headboards are pretty plain.

Changing the headboard in your RV bedroom is a small project that can have a big impact.

If your RV headboard is padded, you can opt to reupholster it. Or you can change the whole look by adding something completely new.

14. Add A Few Houseplants

Picking up a few houseplants from Home Depot or Lowes can drastically change the look of your RV interior! Plants add character and a pop of color.

Make sure to buy plants that can handle being moved around, though, as you’re going to want to secure them in the shower or kitchen sink on moving days.

Snake plants are a great option!

Pro Tip: Be sure to read Home Depot RV Supplies You Need for Your RV to pick up a few extra items while you’re there!

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15. Reupholster Dated Fabric

A sure-fire way to change a small space is to replace that dated fabric with something new.

If DIY projects aren’t for you, you can always take your old cushions to a professional.

This is a relatively cheap project that will only take you the weekend to accomplish.

In addition, it will have big payoffs since you can completely transform your dining, living, or bedroom areas by reupholstering old fabric.

Also, many RVers will completely redesign their dinette area when they have the cushions out to reupholster.

You can change the layout, add more storage space, and add a new table to reinvent the small space.

How Do I Make My RV Cozy?

By making some simple changes and adding a personal touch, your RV will feel like home in no time.

You can opt for a full-blown RV makeover or implement some of the tips we shared above.

No matter which way you go, remember to have fun with it!

Unique RV Decorating Ideas For Your Next Project

So, next time you’re researching some unique RV decorating ideas, take a second glance at this list.

Very few of us can transition to the RV lifestyle financially flush, so having budget decorating ideas is a must!

If your decoration game is on point, it’s time to start thinking about organizing your rig! We recommend starting with RV Kitchen Accessories You’ll Actually Love.

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15 Unique RV Decorating Ideas Anyone Can Do (2024)
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