Towelagator®  Clip For Beach Towels, Bath Towels And Sarongs.
The Perfect Accessories For Beach, Bath, Pool, Surf, Swim, Resort, Spa Or Cruise! 
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What is a Towelagator

Towelagator is a Simple but Very Innovative Product that secures Towels & Sarongs around you Quickly and Easily.  Towelagator is Super-Durable, Non- Corrosive and Very Easy to use. Towelagator will not pick or snag material!  Our Patented Design uses no hinges or springs. Towelagators unique concept works by weaving your towel or wrap  through sets of well rounded teeth

How to use a Towelagator

To use a Towelagator wrap your towel around you leaving the edges straight (for Sarongs roll the edge over)

Then simply push the Towelagator on  and just pull it off when you are done.

The Cool Thing about Towelagator is that it REALLY WORKS GREAT!!

About Our Company

Heybro Inc. Is a family owned business. Located in Neptune Beach FL. We all work together on everything from choosing new colors and prints to building our own store displays. The name Heybro was a last minute decision. We need to come up with a company name to get things rolling. We had talked about several names but nothing seemed right. So I decide to go surfing and let my mind rest. As I was sitting in the water waiting on a wave to come in a buddy of mine paddled up an said hey bro what’s up. That's when it hit me "HEYBRO INC". From time to time someone catches the Hey-Bro and they always like the name and how it came about.


How Did Towelagator Start

It all started as a idea for our 3 daughters. We were on a family surfing trip. Our oldest daughter came in to our RV to eat lunch and while she was standing there her wet towel fell on the floor. Well being a dad and the person that pays the bill each month for the RV. I asked her to keep the wet towel off the floor. In return I received the typical teenager look and then she used a chip clip to keep her towel up. Even though what I meant was  put the towel outside I could not complain because I kept thinking "What A Great Idea”. After returning home from our trip I decided to make a few clips that would work but look cute. I also did not want hinges on the clip. Hinges corrode and they make the ends of the clip push against your body. After a few attempts I came up with what is now known as Towelagator. Our daughters LOVED them and so did everyone else that saw them. A couple of weeks later I was showing my father the clips and he strongly urged me to patent the way they worked. At first I thought he was totally loosing his mind. Now we sell Towelagators in different places scattered around the world.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our product and our story!